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My friend Carl recently purchased a competition spring set for his Glock 17. He wanted to improve his trigger pull and increase his odds of hitting more zombies in the head than me (a friendly zombie competition shooting at the range). The competition spring set consisted of a new firing pin spring, safety spring and trigger spring and it cost about $8 from Midway.com.

Glockworx Competition Spring Kit Glock All Models
Competition Spring Kit Glock All Models


Product Description: The Glockworx Competition Spring Kit contains an extra heavy trigger spring (heavier is better, as it helps you pull the trigger), a reduced power firing pin spring, and a reduced power firing pin safety spring. The result is the lightest and smoothest possible trigger pull for your Glock. When used in conjunction with the Glockworx V3 Race Connector (153-418), the trigger pull weight is reduced down to 2 lbs total.

Carl installed the spring set which isn't very hard if you have completely torn down your Glock before. Installation takes about 20 minutes. What takes a lot longer is cleaning your Glock (the extractor, firing pin channel, etc.) before you put it back together. Tack on another half hour at least.


Reference the applicable Glock procedures for specific instructions on how to tear down and re-assemble your Glock if you plan to replace these springs.

I should note that prior to this, he had replaced his 5.5 lb. factory connector with a 3.5 connector for a better trigger pull (reference Glock 3.5 LB Connector Review).

Once installed, the spring set made a big difference in the trigger pull during dry fire. It had a very smooth trigger pull.

He then brought his newly modified Glock 17 to the range to test it in actual shooting. The trigger pull was excellent and "smooth as butter". The only problem was, that for the 100 rounds that he shot through it, he had 4 primer failures (either light strikes on the primers or bad primers). Since we reload our own ammunition with Wolf primers, it is not unusual to have primer failures but this seemed excessive and that lead us to believe that these failures might be caused by a light primer strike as the result of the weaker firing pin spring.

He decided to shoot it again next week and see if the trend of high primer failures continued. In the meantime, he modified his Glock 26 with the new competition spring set (minus the firing pin spring).

The following week Carl brought his Glock 17 back to the range and we did a trigger pull comparison with the following guns.

Glock 17 - with competition spring set and 3.5 lb. connector.
Glock 19 - with 3.5 lb. connector
Glock 26 - with competition springs (only the safety spring and trigger spring installed.
Glock 26 - standard (no trigger mods).

Three of us (my friend, myself and the range master) dry fired each of the guns and made a dry-fire comparison.

We each determined that the Glock 17 had the best trigger pull.

Unfortunately, after the comparison test, Carl shot another 100 rounds through his Glock 17 and wound up with another 5 primer failures. We can't really be sure whether these failures were as a result of bad Wolf primers, improper primer installations or the weaker firing pin spring but we suspect the new firing pin spring is the culprit.

Carl decided remove the firing pin spring and re-install the factory spring. Hopefully, there will be no more primer failures. If there are more failures I will update this page accordingly.

Follow-up Message:
I have replaced the 17 firing pin spring and I believe it is the culprit and not the primers although the tolerances within the primer may have an effect. The primer manufacturing tolerances are probably the difference between the Wolf and the more expensive brands.

Here is my reasoning regarding the issue:

The primer detonation is a function of the rate of deformation and not the necessarily the magnitude of deformation. The competition spring (lower spring rate) not only accelerates the firing pin slower (less force) but then the firing pin slows down faster as it contacts the primer because it has less velocity and therefore less inertial force thus deforming the primer at a lower rate. When we tried firing the failed rounds with a stock spring, some did not fire because the primers were already deformed and the second strike buy the stock spring firing pin hits the primer in the deformed area and depending on tolerances, both in the primer and the gun, and the placement of round in the chamber (rotationally), the round may or may not fire.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

What do you think?



The following week Carl fired 200 rounds through his Glock 17 after re-installing the original factory firing pin spring. He encountered no primer failures.


The Glock competition spring kit is well worth the few dollars it cost if you want a smoother trigger pull. I am ordering one for my Glock 19 but I won't be installing the firing pin spring, only the trigger spring and the safety spring.

The firing pin spring may work fine shooting factory ammunition, but when shooting reloads with Wolf primers it has it's problems. If I didn't shoot my reloads I would install the complete kit (all three springs) and test it at the range.



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